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Designed and developed by LeXtudio.

Alex is an add in for SharpDevelop IDE. By wrapping up the powerful AStyle executable, it provides SD users much more powerful coding style support than original Ctrl + I shortcut. The new shortcut for Alex is Ctrl + W.

(C) 2006 - 2012 Lex Li
(C) 2008 Matt Everson

This project is open source under MIT license.

You can follow Lex here for news of this project.

How to install
SharpDevelop 4.3 users should use 3.2 (SharpDevelop 4.3). Shortcut has changed to Control + Shift +W.

How to install for old SD
SharpDevelop 4.0/4.1/4.2 are no longer supported.

SharpDevelop 3.* users should use 2.0 Production (Updated). Matt Everson helped on this Alex release (author of another SharpDevelop add in).

SharpDevelop 2.* users must use 1.0 Production.*

How to configure
When you restart SharpDevelop, you will see two more menu items under Tools.
Click AStyle options, and a dialog shows.
You can change the coding style there.

Contact the author
You can leave comments here or in the forums. You can find more information about the author here.

Artistic Style
You can find more information about AStyle here.

Why I Need This Add In?
You may wonder why I created this add in when SharpDevelop already supports Ctrl + I. According to my experience, AStyle can handle the most ugly source files I've ever seen, but SharpDevelop cannot handle them at all. :-)

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